Thursday, 15 November 2012

What mirror for our master bedroom dressing table?

My dressing table is totally bare at the moment. I would like to get a mirror to sit above it, something that will go with "everything" if there is such a thing. The reason I say this is because although our bedroom furniture is very new, we will soon be upgrading, not exactly sure to what yet though. I know, this complicates things. But, I like the streamlined look, with a bit of interest. Classy and stylish. Hmmm. That's not very helpful is it?

Have you seen a mirror that you think will suit the dressing table, our bedroom, our house, and is "transferrable"?

By the way, we normally have masking paper on the window, but I took it off to clean the window, so used the opportunity to take this pic while the paper was down. Oh, and the window isn't dirty/fuzzy I just blurred out the neighbours property to protect their privacy *rollseyes*.

Would love to, hear your advice and suggestions, as always.

My failed attempt at styling from a couple months ago LOL

At one stage I kept my tiny little babies on the dressing table but they've since been removed as I am paranoid that being exposed to sun light can't be good for them *shy*

This is what what our furniture currently looks like:


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