Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Carry On

I am feeling uninspired today.



Four photo sessions to edit, which tends to crowd out my desire to blog. I'm happy though. Thankful to be busy. I love my family and my life and that it's cold here in Texas this week. Yesterday I had two cups of coffee, a cup of hot cocoa, a cup of hot tea, and some peppermint ice cream.  Trying to get it all in before it feels like summer again.

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving already? This time last year I went to the dentist and was told I had a massive cyst in my jaw, and then I was given referrals to a facial reconstructionist and oral surgeon. Scared the shit out of me, excuse my french. This November Matthew has been told he has two grape sized tumors on his liver, and while the doctors don't seem terribly concerned just yet, we're still like "Woah, not cool! What does this mean?" Hopefully nothing. You'll certainly hear from me if it's anything serious!

Life, you crazy thing.

Sometimes Wednesdays need an anthem like this. Cute lead singers don't hurt either. Hope your hump day is a good one!

PS - I am currently obsessed with this band (Fun). I literally teared up when I found out they were coming to Austin in February... and that the show is sold out. STUPID.

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