Friday, 12 October 2012

A Photo + Friday Features

I'd like to post a favorite photo or two each Friday, to give you guys a little peek into what I've been working on lately. I am approximately 57 sessions behind on blogging (ok, more like 12), but I'm working on a separate blog site for the biz right now and, well... it's been slow going.  But a lot of fun pictures are coming at you SOON! I've been a busy little bee.  Check out Facebook for more recent sneak peeks!

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First on the agenda is sweet miss Caley of Ellie Loves.  Caley and her beautiful little family live on the East Coast of South Africa, and Ellie Loves covers life as a new mama and long-time resident of this beautiful country. Check out this post! Picturesque, eh? And speaking of picturesque, how cute are Caley and her husband's wedding pictures? Swoon! :) Go meet Caley.


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Next on the agenda is lovely Kellie of The Yuppie Files.  Miss Kellie is a young professional living just outside Washington D.C., and her blog chronicles life there with her husband, their fun activities around town, and Kellie's fashion and beauty favorites. Kelly sums herself and the blog up nicely here, so check it out and let her know you stopped in!


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Last but not least is the vintage mega-store Ruby Lane, which is just like a giant online antique mall... without the smell of mothballs and old ladies. :) Peruse virtual aisle after aisle of old books, vintage jewelry and clothes, and even antique furniture! Use the navigation bar on the left of the page to filter by category or price. Enjoy!


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Have a great weekend!

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