Friday, 19 October 2012

On the right tracks

Ok, ONE last outfit from Virginia this past week. To those of you new to this blog, you should know that the consecutive outfit posts this week are the exception, not the rule. Normally there's a lot more variation to my topics!

So, a little background: I have always wanted to take pictures on a nice set of train tracks. I have also always wanted to pick apples from a real, live orchard. Both of those bucket list items were checked off in ONE single day this week, my friends - this past Monday, which seems like years ago now as I'm settling back into life at home in Texas. Apple picking pictures are coming later next week, but here’s a few outfit photos from the tracks. (I promise, it was rainy as could be earlier in the day, hence the boots!)

Virginia Day 2-1829-1
Virginia Day 2-1825-1
Virginia Day 2-1822-1
Virginia Day 2-1834-1
{ Cardigan: Banana Republic outlet (similar here), Shirt and pants: J.Crew (similar shirt here), Boots: Hunter }

Tell me, what was your favorite look this week?

+ Or today's look...

Happy Friday to you!

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