Thursday, 11 October 2012

Downstairs powder room vanity at last! And a door/floor stop question ...

Remember how I said the other week that I wouldn't be calling the cabinet maker any more? Well I meant it. However, MrB got fed up with him and decided to call him behind my back. Two days later the downstairs powder room vanity was installed. Some people!!!

Now, I need to get on to the stonemason guys to install the benchtop. It will be Organic White to match the ensure and laundry.

Another thing is ... I keep smashing the door in to the wall on the left for some reason :S
Before the door handle does too much damage I think I need to get some door/floor stops.

Any recommendations for door/floor stops suitable for tight spaces? I don't want to keep walking in to it and hurting my toes :(

The vanity is polyurethane two pack (gloss) and the colour is Vivid White.
The doors are handle less, so won't have any handles.

Oh, he also installed the laundry kickboard, and measured the laundry and kitchen pantry doors so we can finally tick the handles off the list!

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