Monday, 29 October 2012

Should we tile our portico?

Thank you all for your comments on my Foundation Stuff Up post. We will roll the exposed aggregate from driveway height to portico height over the width of the garage brick pier.

But now the question is. Should we tile the portico? The finish of the concrete is pretty poor so we need to do something, just not sure what ...

The pathway from the portico to the street/gate will most probably be in the form of large pavers.

The front doors will be painted black.

Question number 2:
How do we cover up the "stuff up" or "extra" slab from my previous post?

Here is the stuff up, the extra slab which shouldn't have been there... MrB removed some of it in order to accommodate the downpipe ... but we can't have all of it removed because there are structural steel rods running through it as you can see below... 

This is the other side, there is "extra" slab here as well, but MrB trimmed a fair bit of it ...

In the pic below you can see a thin black line in between the first row of bricks and mortar. That's the damp proof barrier. You can only just see it... In some spots you can't even see it...


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