Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chats on a swing, Roanoke, and Blue Ridge Parkway

It takes a good bit of discipline and effort to document things in photographs. Of course there's the part about just remembering to bring the camera, the lugging the heavy thing around bit, and the mild to moderate awkwardness of being "that girl" who's always taking pictures of everything. It could be argued that focusing too much on taking pictures of stuff causes you to not actually enjoy doing the stuff, but in my case, photographing things I find beautiful and memorable helps me to slow down and see and capture that beauty. Plus, there's the awesomeness of being able to go back and look through the photos and relive it all and, of course, journal AKA blog it. I absolutely love going back through pictures here on the blog of past trips and experiences I've had, from Fredericksburg, TX to Lake Shasta, CA to Cusco, Peru...  and everywhere in between. :) 

Today's post covers my first full day in Virginia, which consisted of a beautiful lunch and chat on a swing bench down by the little stream on Kristin and Jesse's property (heaven! pictured above), a trip into Roanoke for a little exploring, and a journey down Blue Ridge Parkway where thick fall foliage canopies the road and it pretty much feels like a fairytale. Here's a few quick snaps from the day. Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

this was the ceiling above the escalators in a building in Roanoke. cool, huh?

the beautiful Hotel Roanoke!

The view from the top of the mountain on Blue Ridge Parkway...

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