Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lunch at Keswick

Last Monday I woke up in a cozy bed in a cozy guest room, cold rain pitter-pattering outside my window. Vacation always makes you lazy, but I felt extra disinclined to get out of bed that morning. It seemed like a bleak day to check off bucket-list-item/my-number-one-goal-in-life of picking apples from a real, live orchard, but by the time Kristin and I made it down the two hour trek to lunch in Charlottesville, the sun was poking back out and promising us pleasant-ish apple picking weather (though I left Texas to get away from that humidity, thank you very much!).

We dined at the fabulous Keswick Hall, which is this interesting Spanish style mansion that is completely English traditional inside. It's gorgeous.  I didn't take any pictures outside on the grounds, but check out the website if you're interested! The photos there are stunning. Hope to get back there for a real stay at some point! I think of Virginia as East, but I know it really sort of is the beginning of the south, and you get that feeling at Keswick Hall. Southern style hospitality at its finest. We were served salad, sausage gumbo, pork tenderloin with autumn chutney, cheesy grits, and a wide assortment of other goodies.  Yum, yum, yum. 

Orchard pictures coming soon!

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