Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oh, hey Virginia! I’m in you!

Virginia Day 1-1529

I left my husband and furbabies behind this week and headed east… Virginia to be exact, where fall is in full swing and I’ve already enjoyed hot soup and tea and pumpkin juice straight from Universal Studios and Harry Potter watching by a crackling fire with one of my dearest of dears.  Oh, and coffee chats on a swing beside a trickling brook, wind in the leaves and colors fluttering softly down around us. It really is as wonderful as it sounds. 

Back at home, the excitement with which I packed my bag full of much neglected sweaters, scarves, and boots could be likened to that of a beside-herself child after Christmas morning, eager to play with all the new toys. I don’t claim to be much of fashionista and couldn’t hold my own among the blog world fashion Greats, but I plan to post an outfit a day while I’m East this week, since outfit posts just feel so much more legit here where your fall layers won’t get you laughed out of town.

So, stay tuned for more from Virginia, and have a happy rest of your Sunday… :)

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