Monday, 22 October 2012

On friendship, vulnerability, and Virginia Day 1

Blogging is weird. People that don't do it themselves or understand it probably scratch their heads at some of these lifestyle and fashion blogs (such as my own) and think "whaaaa? She just writes about herself and her experiences all the time, and posts pictures of herself in different outfits, and people, like, care?"

To those with such questions I would say, yes. That about sums it up (sort of). But oh, blogs can be so much more, too! Besides the obvious (that blogging is a voyeur's paradise and rife with opportunity to peek, unseen, through the proverbial window of someone's life, and laugh with them and cry with them and learn from their experiences and insights and relate to their struggles or be inspired by their good taste in DIY projects or fashion sense or what have you), blogging is also an unprecedented new way to connect people. I have made so many new friends through this blog, that I've both met in person and have yet to meet in person, but who have become a part of my life that I put a high value on.  For some reason, deep friendships used to be difficult for me. Maybe it has to do with yesterday's post and the lack of roots...  But I am thankful that I made a decision two years ago to reach out to other bloggers and to CONNECT.

The trip I made out to Virginia is a prime example of just that. I met Kristin, whom I was visiting there, through the wonderful world of blogging, and our relationship has impacted my life on so many levels. It all started through a few little blog comments and emails that grew into deciding to test out the concept of being "accountability partners." Both of us work from home and have trouble staying on task throughout the day, so we thought it might be useful to have someone to report to and also to encourage. Well, when you're sharing so much of the minutiae of your life with someone, it's hard not to become close!  A sort of sisterhood was formed. We found we are incredibly alike in some ways, but just different enough to keep it interesting. The recipe for a great and lasting friendship, if you ask me!

And then we met up in Florida and experienced Harry Potter World (!!!) together and Kristin was thrown right into the ring with my family, and now, a week together at her place in Virginia. All born from a blog!  I must admit that, besides just enjoying her company, I find myself incredibly inspired by her old fashioned sensibilities, ability to express herself, vulnerability, and kindness. I all but have a notepad and pen out when I'm around her, knowing I'd be a better wife, friend, and human being if I could just learn her ways. The world needs more Kristins.

But I'll stop waxing poetic now. I guess I just wanted to express my gratitude for friendship - friends old and friends new.  I've entered a new period of my life that is defined by connection, which is something I both shy away from too much of and also revere as one of the most valuable things in this life.  I am still learning balance and what it means to be a good friend. (if you didn't click that little vulnerability link above, I urge you to do it! And watch the video when you have time!)

Here's a few photos from Day 1 of my Virginia trip last week, which consisted of a cozy evening at home, cooking up a pot of chowder, sipping pumpkin juice, and watching Harry Potter (duh!).

Here, here! to old and new friends across town, across the country, and across the world.

you can catch a glimpse of how beautiful Kristin and Jesse's home is behind us there! Martha Stewart DOES live there. :)

Kristin left a sweet note, snacks, mints, and peanut m&ms (my favorite!) for me in the guest room. So thoughtful, and the perfect hostess touch to make a guest feel welcome and at home. Those granola bars came in handy late at night when I was hungry and didn't want to snoop around in the kitchen after hours! ;P

 just-made chicken corn chowder!

Chester and Caroline... the cutest.

Happy Monday, folks! Hope it's a great day for you...

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