Sunday, 4 March 2012

Black or white internal front doors?

I've always wanted our front doors to be gloss black on the outside... and I thought they should be white on the inside to match the rest of our doors ... But have recently been thinking... what if we also paint the internal side of the front doors black too?

What do you think? Black or white doors on the inside?

We have 6 internal doors that can be seen from the front doors... they will all be white (well Whisper White)...

Front doors in question :)
Garage door in the middle and powder room door on the far left.
Garage door on the right, powder room door in the middle and home theatre double doors on the far left.
Glass insert door to the kitchen, the two openings on the left will evenutally have glass inside them.
Glass insert doors to the sitting room.

Images are from pinterest.


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