Friday, 30 March 2012


Every single day I am absolutely amazed at how quick the build is going. When I left home this morning the house looked like this:


When I got back around 1:30 it looked like this:


When my sons got home at 4 it looked like this:


Amazing! Those are my boys running to check out their rooms. And the pile of scraps they could have for the fire pit. Not sure which they were more excited about.

Since I'm trying to be very honest about this whole thing, I admit that I had a big ol' panic attack today. And it was all due to this:

As you can see from the picture, part of the house has OSB sheathing, and part has Dow. The OSB was recommended because we're having stone along the front, and it provides a sturdy base. The Dow sheathing offers better insulation and water resistance. So we decided to spilt the difference.

When I saw the Dow sheathing we chose I honestly thought we made a huge mistake in choosing Dow over OSB. After I had taken several pictures I went home and, as I tried not to hyperventilate, hit the computer to research it. Now, this is something that we really should have done when going through our choices during the planning process. We did a little bit of research, but should have done more. What I found reassured me, and after holding a piece in my hands and trying to break it I felt a lot better. Now, if someone shoots our house or tries to hack through the wall with a machete we'll have problems. However, in either of those scenarios we'd have bigger problems than a hole in our house.

This is our back yard. I wish this was grass, but it's a wheat field. Actually, I'm glad it's not grass or I'd have to mow it.

I ran out of room on this page, so I'll add another post for additional pictures.

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