Wednesday, 14 March 2012

great advice for bloggers + a few more txsc photos

Good morning everyone (or afternoon, or evening)!  This is my last Texas Style Council post before we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. :) I have a few more photos to share, as well as a few notes I took during the panels on Sunday.  There were some great speakers, and though most of the advice I’ve already heard and processed in the past, it was all great reminders and I wanted to share it with you here! 
Some of my favorite quotes from the weekend came from Kendi, a blogger most of you have probably heard of or read, even if you’re not too involved with fashion blogs.  She was the keynote speaker before the panels on Sunday, and here are a few great lines from her speech:
On how easy it is to compare your life/clothes/husband/friends/family/house to everyone else’s:
“The danger comes when you look around and see everyone else’s best and think it’s their always.” (Jenni’s note: This is so, so, so important to grasp.  Many, if not most, of us blog a highly edited version of our lives, and we should all keep that in mind as we read and enjoy other’s blogs!)
On blogging:
Your purpose is much bigger than your blog.  Your blog will amplify your purpose, but it is not your purpose… let your blog be what drives your purpose, not what IS your purpose.”
On the difference between being “big” and being “great,” both in regards to blogging and your life in general:
“Live a great life—not big—and be inspired to share it with others.” –All quotes above by Kendi.
On creating compelling content on your blog:
“It’s not about telling the same story that’s been told before.” –Matt,
On curating vs. creating your own content:
People respond to original content.” –Camille, Camille Styles (Jenni’s note: this is one of the #1 most important things to understand if you want to grow your blog!  Curating content is gathering pictures/inspiration from around the web and compiling it on your blog, but people truly do respond best to original content, created by YOU, photographed by you, and with your own personality inserted!)
On writing in your own unique “voice”:
“If your blog title and byline were removed, and someone just read the body of your post, would they know it was from your site? Recognize your voice?”  --Caroline, Lucky Magazine (Jenni’s note: the point here was that your goal should be to write in a voice that is uniquely you and that anyone who reads you could recogize, even if all they read were your words but didn’t know where they came from!  That’s a difficult thing to achieve, but definitely worth striving for!)
Hope you enjoyed those little nuggets as much as I did.  And without further ado, here are the rest of my pictures from the weekend…
TxSC 2012 109-1thanks again to Another Broken Egg for hosting our delicious breakfast on Sunday!
TxSC 2012 113-1TxSC 2012 118-1TxSC 2012 110-1 copy Elise, me, Maria, and Elizabeth
TxSC 2012 111-1
TxSC 2012 128-2 TxSC 2012 149-1So happy to meet Veronika!
TxSC 2012 159-1
TxSC 2012 168-2 Wore my Hunters all weekend. Yay for rain!
TxSC 2012 171 copy
And that’s all folks! Happy Wednesday!

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