Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Built-in robe fitout - PART 2

Thanks to my lovely bloggy friends, and their feedback, I've come up with a new fitout for one of our built-in robes and I look forward to hearing what you think.

The built-in is just under 3m long, and we are having 4 sliding doors. The doors overlap by about 5cm.

I've moved the drawers and shelves, which in our case are the most commonly used sections (thank you HMB), to the left of the built-in, and as far away from the door as possible. My lovely bloggy friend M pointed out that when using sliding doors, there is a slight overlap of doors and that I might not be able to open the drawers, and she was right! If I had left the drawers in the middle, I wouldn't have been able them due to the doors on either side! Thank you M!!!!

Because this bedroom is likely to be the nursery, April suggested in built laundry hampers. I've added an empty compartment on the left, under shelving, where I could add an ANTONIUS storage system from Ikea. Also, the top shelf is just under 30cm high. Do you think that is high enough for storage containers? Thank you April!!!



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