Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Features

Happy Friday folks!  Guess what today is? Besides Friday, of course.  Today, my friends, is the official start to Matthew’s spring break!  Meaning I have a husband for more than a whole week!  Last night we celebrated with some tasty mixed drinks, though I’m still confused as to why this constitutes celebrating. What it mainly creates is an environment in which I act ridiculous and Matthew laughs at me pityingly before sending me off to an early bedtime.  We party hard over here. 

But instead of reading my ramblings, how about you check out a few of these gorgeous girls I’m introducing today?  They are fabulous.  You will love them. 

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My dear friend Kristie is the author behind Kristie Was Here, and I say author because this girl can write your face off. (that’s a good thing, if you were confused.)  Her posts read like poetry—gritty, honest, deep—a peek right into her soul.  I’ve always admired Kristie and her penchant for telling a story and making you feel what she feels.  Go make an awesome new friend. 

Kristie Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Pretty miss Erin blogs over at eHan Designs, and she is still quite new here in Blog World so be sure and welcome her!  Erin promises to be a lovely addition to the design and style community, and has already served up some really fun DIY tutorials!  Be sure and check out her sweet space, and wish her luck on her job interview here in AUSTIN! :)

  Erin Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Tammy is the sweet blogger behind Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay, a wonderful San Diego based blog that includes lots of fabulous pictures, home reno projects, and the occasional style post.  Tammy’s fun outings with friends and her sweet guy always make me itch to spend more time in California and at the beach!  Stop in and tell Tammy hello.


Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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And have a wonderful weekend! :)

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