Thursday, 22 March 2012

more sun-filled photos with brittney squire photography

Hey loves!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday so far.  It is an absolutely perrrfect spring day here in Austin, and I’m currently sitting here at our little kitchen nook table enjoying a fabulous breeze from the back door window.  The best of both worlds, you know?  I can smell my neighbor’s freshly mowed grass and hear the wind in the trees, but I’m not being dive-bombed by craneflies (why are there so many?!) or attacked by unprovoked bees. All things that happen to me on a regular basis while outdoors. It’s a good day!

Anyway, I wanted to share the rest of my favorites from our shoot with Brittney Squire Photography.  Silly as it sounds, I’ve been wanting professional pictures of myself my whole life, and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten them!  Unless you count the lame-o senior pictures they take of you at school, standing on a pile of silk fabric next to the plastic Grecian column.  Yeah, not so much.

I really think everyone should get some nice professional pictures of themselves, especially if you’re a blogger or have a website.  Profesh pics make a HUGE difference on your ads, your about page, etc, and of course they’re the perfect gift for husbands, parents, or grandparents. :)

Brittney did a truly fabulous job on these, and don’t forget she’s offering SOML readers a 10% discount on session fees and prints if you just like her Facebook page!

storyboard001storyboard002Brittney Squire Photography storyboard003storyboard004 storyboard005 storyboard006storyboard010storyboard008storyboard009

The dress is Zara and the necklace is by Nichelle over at Vintage Wanna Bee. Oh, and I found that gorg book at an antique store!  :)  Happy Thursday!

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