Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Texas Style Council Recap (Part 2)

Ok, let’s talk a bit more about Texas Style Coucil, shall we? One of the highlights of the conference was the Poshmark Party on Saturday night… there was eye candy everywhere you looked—from the gorgeous 2nd Street district venue itself, to all the fabulously dressed women, to the food and wine and sponsor booths arranged with every pretty thing you can think of!
We were packed in tight like sardines, and when I left that party, I swear I had a ring in my ears and my voice was two octaves deeper.  But it was really fun nonetheless, and I’m glad I went.  It really couldn’t have been a yuckier weekend here in Austin though, and I was sorry that out of towners had such a poor first impression of what our weather here is actually like.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning it was super cold (by TX standards) and raining, and Saturday afternoon Matthew even tried to bribe me to stay home by offering up pizza and movies and puppy cuddles, which would have been perfect on such a cold and stormy evening.  I nearly couldn’t resist, but in the end I did.  And it was a good thing, because I met lots of awesome ladies and had a great time at the event. Here are some pictures from the evening!
  TxSC 2012 070-2 copyTxSC 2012 053-1 copy from my favorite cupcakery in town, Delish
TxSC 2012 063-2 copyTxSC 2012 066-2 copy had the pleasure of meeting lovely miss Whitney, a Stella and Dot stylist here in Austin
TxSC 2012 076-2 copy by BonBon
TxSC 2012 097-1 copy Britt, Maria, and me
TxSC 2012 099-2 copy TxSC 2012 102-3 copy
Stay tuned for more fun photos from the weekend! :)
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