Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dig Day!

Our original dig day was April 2. However, Kasey (our site manager) contacted B to see if we could move it up to March 15. That meant we had to get moving with our permits. We had been slowly taking care of them, but moving up the dig date really made us move! No issues, but I will say that we got the building permit and septic permit the day before. Twas a tense few days but, after writing several checks, we got it done!

Digging out the driveway.
Dig day! Honestly, after everything it took to get to this point the actual digging was rather anticlimactic. I left for work, and came home to a giant hole in the ground. Well, it was a little more complicated than that. Kasey came out to finalize the house location, and the driveway had to be installed. There was a little holdup there because that sub didn't bring the tile we needed to be installed under the driveway. B had to go buy one, so there was a little holdup. As a result, the sub had to come back the next day to finish digging.

And we have a driveway!
The hole that will one day be our basement.

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