Monday, 26 March 2012

Stepping stone walkway and boxed hedges...

We are still waiting for our current crossover to be ripped up. Once it's redone we will get onto the exposed aggregate driveway and path around the front of the house... So I've still got time to finalise the pathway to the house ideas :)

The concerns I have with the stepping stone walkway (with grass in between the stones) combined with boxed hedges on the side are as follows:
  1. Since the soil under the boxed hedges needs to be "clean" and weed and grass free, will it be extremely difficult to maintain the "straight" grass line?
  2. Because the garage protrudes a bit in relation to the rest of the house, the boxed hedge on the RHS would have to be slightly shorter (pic 2 below). This would mean that the stepping stone pathway would need to end where the shorter hedge ends. Do you think this would look strange?

Please note: my drawing is not in proportion :(


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