Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Let There Be Walls! (Well, Forms for Walls!)

Today a crew came in to start setting up the forms for the basement’s poured walls. Some of the pics were taken before I left for town, and some were taken when I got home.
However, since I didn’t realize my phone was set to ‘sepia’ it looks like some of the pics were taken in 2012, and others in 1912.
While it would be cool (It’s not just a house- it’s a time machine!) it’s not the case. Anyway, it took a couple of days to set the forms. The whole process was very interesting- like giant Legos that had to be linked together. Fortunately the weather was nice for these few days- hot and sunny. As the guys were lugging around the forms I’m sure they would have preferred a few clouds.
Inside the molds. They were just starting to add the rebar when I took this.

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