Thursday, 15 March 2012

in which i wax poetic about my obsessive love for my animals.

Feb 29 004-1Feb 29 005-1
Don’t you just want to squish those little faces?  GAH, I love adore them.

My lil’ Cooper butt is at the vet today.  Yesterday he started breaking out in some weird bumps all over the right side of his face, and he was scratching them until they bled.  Poor bubba.  I can’t stand it when my dogs are in pain or discomfort and there’s nothing I can do about it.  We took him in this morning to be kept at the vet’s office until they have a free minute to look at him, and before we dropped him off, the tech asked if we were interested in having senior wellness testing done.

Senior wellness testing.

I cried.  I’m still crying!    He’s not even quite 7 years old yet!  My little guy… he’ll always be my baby boy, no matter how old and grey. 

On another note, I’m thinking about getting a Gracie and Cooper tattoo. Possibly a giant sketch of their faces across my shoulder blades.

I kid.

Probably something very small, like a little “G&C, always” in cursive somewhere obscure.  Thoughts?  I am not a tattoo person, but the unconditional love and relentless companionship those two have given me over the years is something I never, ever want to forget.  The love between a man (woman) and his (her) dog is something so pure—something to strive for in all your relationships. Something to remember.  When there comes a day that there’s no Cooper under my desk, sleeping on my feet, trailing behind me all throughout the house, or no little Gracie snoring away on the bed behind me, nibbling nervously on every single thing, watching me for keywords like “treat” or “walk” or “dinner” or “grandma,”  I’ll die inside a little, I really will.  These two will always be my first and best loves.

Kiss your furry friends today, OK?  Or if you don’t have one, adopt, if you’re in the position to! So, so, so many need to be loved and to love.  Austinites, try here or here!

Happy Thursday from my little family to yours! :)

Feb 29 010-1  Cooper

Feb 29 024-1 Gracie

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