Friday, 16 March 2012

New Friends Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you’re gearing up for an awesome/relaxing/super fun weekend!  Today I’m happy to introduce three blogs that couldn’t be more different, but are all uniquely wonderful!  This is one of the major things I love about blogging—the sheer diversity of bloggers out there, and the look inside another’s life that you’d never get otherwise.  Voyeurism at its finest, folks, voyeurism at its finest. Enjoy!

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La Mia Vita is a lifestyle and travel blog currently following Nicole’s journey in Barcelona, Spain!  She’s an Orange County California girl at heart (and shares great San Francisco guides here!), but we get to follow along and peek in on fab photos and recaps from her time abroad.  Oh, and check out her recipes page too! YUM!

nicole Blog | Twitter

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The Mermaid Chronicles does just what it claims—chronicles this gorgeous girl’s life as a surfer and writer, two characteristics she feels define her most.  Devon lives in San Diego (another California girl!) with her husband, and these two literally look like a pair out of some hot California surfer movie or something. See? :P  I was also fascinated by Devon’s recent post on why she chooses a vegetarian lifestyle.  Very eye opening.  Go make friends!

Devon Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Keep Calm and Carry On is a blog by lovely Miss Katie, an Ohioan and lover of healthy living, fashion, food, travel, her husband, and their adorable Pomeranian, Rocky—all of which are topics you might read about on her blog!  Get to know her better here, and go make a sweet new friend!


Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Happy weekending, and get your photos ready for Best of Instagram on Sunday! (sorry I dropped the ball on that last week).  Have a great day!

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