Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Features

So, do you guys remember yesterday how I said I was sitting here inside by the window, enjoying the breeze without the detrimental effects of being outdoors (insects, most notably). Well, it was kind of a big mistake.  What I hadn’t taken into account were the walls of pollen blowing out of the trees and straight in through that window, and throughout the day I was getting sicker and sicker, but still happily tapping away at my computer, not putting two and two together.  By the end of the day yesterday, I was sneezing approximately 5.4 times per minute, and there was a thin layer of yellow dust all over the table and probably myself.  For all the raving I do about spring here, I tend to forget about my allergies!  Austinites, are you feeling it right now too?!  Oy.

Regardless, I’m feeling a tad bit better now after an antihistamine and closing up the windows (sad), but I just thought that was sort of funny.  I painted a rather glorious pictures yesterday, but that pretty much went straight to snotty hell within a few hours of my post.

And since I have nothing better than pollen and snot to talk about today, go ahead and check out the fab SOML sponsors below!  Happy Friday!

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Shades of Gray is lifestyle blog by the beautiful Amira, a wife, fur-mom, master’s student, and librarian in training! Amira posts plenty of pretty pictures, funny stories, and yummy recipes, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she and her husband are easy on the eyes!  (check out the engagement pictures she just posted and their cute love story!)  Also, apparently we have the same taste in camera bags, because I ordered the exact one she just posted about, and now I’m insanely excited to receive mine! :) 

Amira Blog | Facebook

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The Semi-reformed Nerd is a blog by my dear friend Julie who specialize in sarcasm, delish recipes, hilarious pictures of her fur-child The Captain, and excellent, helpful posts like this one or, my personal favorite, her post on 15 ways to restore order to your life.  Julie is a seriously funny lady who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life, so I can personally attest to her legitimacy.  She is everything she claims to be.  (vs. being an old man faking an entire life on the Internet in order to lure young bloggers into his basement dungeon?).  Check her out. :)

julieBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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And They Lived Happily Ever After… is a blog on life after the altar and follows pretty miss Ashlee and her adventures with her hubby.  She is a self-proclaimed “electrical engineer by day…a super girly blogger by night,” and Ashlee actually has a master’s degree in engineering!  Which kind of makes my head explode just thinking about it.  But I do love me a gorgeous and smart blogger! Learn more about her here, and go make a sweet new friend!


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Bouffee e Bambini is a life, food, and style blog by one of the sweetest bloggers you’ll ever meet.  Hanna is a nurse, mama, and wife, she has an amazing story of triumph over weight loss!  Hanna posts plenty of delicious recipes (check them out here) and includes lots of fun photos of her outfits—you will love getting to know this wonderful lady, so head on over there and say hello. :)

hannaBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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