Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Couple’s session with Brittney Squire Photography!


As you may remember from the stripes vs. plaid debate and the sneak preview post, Matthew and I had a couple’s photo session a few weeks ago!  I’ve been so excited to show you the rest, because they really are fabulous and I’m kind of totally in love with them.

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Brittney of Brittney Squire Photography, and I would most definitely recommend her work to anyone in the market for some gorg pictures (she specializes in couples!).  Brittney’s business is based out of the Woodland’s, Texas (Houston area), but she travels—she’s occasionally here in Austin, so our session worked out perfectly.

The sunlight in these photos… GAH. I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard when I first saw these.  Brittney did a fabulous job of choosing this location and perfectly capturing the light! And as if that wasn’t good enough, she also let me pick her brain about photography stuff at brunch the next day. Win win win.  Oh, and if all THAT wasn’t good enough, she’s offering SOML readers who may be in the area 10% off their booking fee and print products as long as you like the Brittney Squire Photography Facebook page!  Oh, the perks of being my friend.  (kidding) :P  Just get in touch with her if you want to claim your discount!

Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite photos, and be sure and check out her blog too, for even more pictures from our session…

storyboard015storyboard016 storyboard017 storyboard018 storyboard019 storyboard020storyboard021Matthew_Jenni-23Matthew_Jenni-52storyboard023

So what do you think, y’all? Stripes or plaid?  Plaid_Stripes

Personally, I think he’d look hot in anything.  Or nothing. 


Stay tuned for pictures from my individual session with Brittney! :) Happy Hump Day!

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