Tuesday, 7 May 2013

1.55m bedhead/headboard. Too high?

As always, I am moving at snail pace when it comes to actioning things around the house. I am still contemplating what height of the bedhead to go with. I really like the tall ones, but are they timeless or likely to date? Will it look too tall in our bedroom? I've drawn up the layout of our bedroom, with a 1.55m tall king size bed. Our walls are 2.7m so there will be 1.15m in between the top of the bedhead and the ceiling. Does this look ok?

Also, there is just over a meter on each side of the bed for the bedside tables.

Oh, and as much as I love the wingback style bedheads, I've decided to against it, as the sheets are apparently a pain to change and the style is more likely to date....

But back to the height of the bedhead. What do you think of 1.55m as per the drawing below? Too tall? Just right? Or could I possibly go even higher?


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