Thursday, 9 May 2013

One moment

Day 9 of the ChallengeA moment in your day.  This "moment" was actually from a couple days ago after a nice bike ride on the Veloway with my mom, in which I filled my bike basket (unknowingly) with illegal freshly-picked Texas wildflowers. It was upon our exit that I noticed the "do not disturb the vegetation" sign, but ignorance was bliss, and I truly enjoyed my wild and unruly bouquet. 

Here's a couple more photos my mom snapped of us enjoying a sunny little sit outside... Happy Thursday...

Link up your moments below, and please feel free to join the challenge whenever you'd like, if you're just now discovering it... We still have 22 more days of fun blog topics! :)

***In the "Name" box of the linkup you have 50 characters, and I encourage you to write the name of your post, your blog, or something extra instead of just your actual name - that will make things more interesting and eye-catching on this list! 

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