Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Few Faves

Day 19Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them. 

I'm glad to have the opportunity to rave about a few of my favorite blogs today. Blog love is always appreciated by those it's directed at, but you may feel like a bit of a creeper professing your undying devotion to another blogger without an excuse such as BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY. Here's your free pass! Rave away.

I read and love a lot more than five blogs, but there are a few I wanted to mention. I'm actually writing this on Saturday evening and I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'm only going to talk about three blogs today. To be honest with you, since I started up my photography biz and I've gotten really busy with it (hallelujah!), my actual blog reading has decreased substantially. These days the main blogs I read are those of people actually in my life, who I actually truly care about or even see in person sometimes. It's interesting the way you often come full-circle with blogging. At first, you're obsessed with the lives of others and reading all the fabulous content they come up with. It's fascinating, this peek you get into another's world. But for me, somewhere along the way, I reached capacity and felt like I could no longer hold another ounce of information, especially if it didn't even pertain to my life or someone in it. I think this all happened somewhere in the last year or so, maybe when things started getting really bad with Edd's cancer. Seizing my own life became so much more important to me. It felt good to let go a little bit of the obsession I had with blog reading, and I think it's helped some when it came to honing my own voice in writing. 

Annnnnyway. Not sure where I was really going with all that, but please enjoy a few of my favorite blogs. I love them all for different reasons (and if you're a blog friend I didn't mention here, it's only because I'm outta time... SOMEONE came up with this crazy idea to blog on weekends, specifically during the busiest month of my photography career so far... dumb, dumb, dumb...)

1. WishWishWish

There aren't very many blogs I read religiously, but WishWishWish is one of them. Carrie lives in London and her blog and photographs are absolutely stunning (as is she herself). I would say this blog is my #1 inspiration for storytelling through photography. I never miss a post.

2. Across The Pond

Megan is a blogger I feel lucky to count among my real friends, even though our time together has only been spent over the glow of a computer screen (i.e. Skype., emails, and blog comments). I adore this girl, her story, her humor, her heart, her crazy-amazing model-esque good looks, her hot Irish man candy, and the fact that she's finally moving back to the U.S. and we're gonna take this friendship offline, right Meg? ;) She's the best. 

3. The Doctors Fleming

Emily is this incredibly amazing human being who is not only a beautiful woman but also really, really intelligent - a doctor and a really great writer. I am fascinated by her journey because it's so different from mine, I suppose. She faces some of life's greatest and most heart breaking challenges daily in the ER, and often writes about them so beautifully. Emily is going through some really tough things in her own life right now (as evidenced by her latest post), but her story is certainly one worth reading and I feel so lucky to her friend. 

* * * * *

OK, I'll have to rave about some of the other lovely ladies on my list another time. How about you - which blogs are your absolute must-reads?

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