Sunday, 5 May 2013

A blogger I adore

Day 5 of the Challenge is a public profession of love for another blogger friend, and again, this one was harder for me than I thought it would be. I guess that's part of the great thing about all this, though... the CHALLENGE. The sitting down and really asking yourself to think part.

The truth is that I am incredibly blessed with some really and truly amazing blog friends, and choosing to talk about just one is nearly impossible. There are a good handful of ladies that are so, so close to my heart. That have entertained me, made me think, even helped carry me through dark times.

But today, I think I just want to say a thing or two about Bridget.

I probably discovered Bridget's blog in late 2010 or early 2011, shortly after I started up SOML. I remember being excited about my find and really loving it over there. I left her a comment and, lo and behold, she wrote me back! I was ecstatic. She had a lot more readers than me, and I pretty much thought she was famous and freaking fantastic. So to receive a comment back?! Whoa! Life = Made. Funny how we bloggers get about that stuff.

Anyway, I just really love this girl and think she is amazing in so many ways. Her and her husband Steve have an incredible love story (start at the bottom with chapter one!), and I have so much respect for Bridget and her courage to take on four children who lost their mother. It's a really great story, and not your average blogger love story, lemme tell ya. Besides all that, Bridget is just a really intelligent, witty writer and human being, and also a fabulous photographer (in the Boston area). I've always looked up to her and respected her and sometimes find myself inadvertently emulating her blogging style and thinking to myself "what would Bridget do?" Haha. OK, maybe that's borderline creepy, but it's true. She always has great content over there, and it's just an all around fabulous lifestyle and family blog where you really grow to care about the "characters" in her story.

So that's my profession of love for another blogger. There are many ladies who deserve the love, but today I chose you, Bridget. Thanks for being my friend and for sharing your beautiful life with the world. :)

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