Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our built-in robe/closet remains doorless :(

After settling on a couple of Corinthian mirror doors in the middle, with two plain doors on the side I got a Corinthian representative to measure up for a quickslide system.

We were told that we will not be able to go with the Corinthian doors, because they can't be trimmed. When we built the bulkheads out of steel frame and then had gyprocked, we didn't take into consideration the 12mm thick plywood that we would be using on top of our Hebel floor (upstairs). And then with the glue and timber floor on top of plywood, it threw out the measurement between the floor and bulkhead, making it slightly shorter than the height of the 2.4m doors we had planned on using :(

I was, and still am - devastated.

Back to the drawing board now, even though I don't like any of the options left:
  • Solid timber doors - will cost a small fortune
  • Melamine doors - hate the look of them. Also, we've been recommended these would need 3 doors, but we have 4 compartments??!!!
  • Custom joinery doors - painted in two pack these will cost a fortune! Also, can mirrors be nicely embedded on these???

Oh, and the skirting boards are in the way as they were installed all around the rooms, prior to the built in being installed. So we will need to have an infill on both ends of the robe.

Can this get any worse?

If anyone has any suggestions on a practical, not ugly and not overly expensive solution to our sliding door dramas, I would love to hear from you ❤


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