Friday, 10 May 2013

Three months late but here at last!

Remember my buffet and tv unit post? Well, they were 3 months late but are finally here. Mr B picked them up this week so we've finally got some furniture now :)

I must say I am really disappointed with Nick Scali. Firstly the items were meant to be in Adelaide by the end of February, and then when I emailed them asking what was going on they kept ignoring my emails until I asked for a refund. They then told me the items were here and ready to be picked up. When we rang the warehouse, we were told that they are not ready for pick up but are instead in Sydney and yet to be forwarded to Adelaide... Then there was drama over not being able to pay the remainder of the balance at the warehouse... When I asked if I could transfer the money via netbanking, they sent me their account details, but not the exact amount remaining... I gave up waiting for their response, so we went to the nearest store and paid the remainder prior to picking up from the warehouse. I am yet to receive a reply from them. LOL. Very sad really.

We like both items but I am unsure if we will be able to mount the tv unit to the wall, on top of the skirting boards... even though we've added bracing to the steel frame in place where it's meant to go. The unit is extremely heavy, and deeper than I thought it was... But we will see.

We've put the buffet along the wall where it can be seen from the kitchen, in between the dining room and "meals" area. MrB is not happy with it being there, and besides this is the wall where a portable gas heater is meant to go... I hope to take some photos of them both in place so you can hopefully provide me with some advice. I've pathetically styled the buffet, and am looking forward to your advice on that too :)


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