Sunday, 12 May 2013

I miss...

Blog Every Day in May topic: What do you miss?

I sat down to write this post and, as usual when I try to tackle this topic, I was left with the proverbial lump in my throat and no right words. So instead of words, I decided to make a little video of what I miss. It probably would have been easier to just write the post, since I must have cried 47 times while putting this together. Maybe it won't mean as much to you if you're not a part of my family, but if you've been following this blog long enough, well... I suppose you might as well be a part of my family. :) Here's a little tribute to the things I miss...

*music on this video is called "The Winner Is" from the Little Miss Sunshine movie soundtrack
*read a little more about people I've lost here - start at the end, if you're new around these parts

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