Wednesday, 15 May 2013

day in the life

Day 15 of Blog Every Day In May. This is by far the longest stretch I've ever gone of blogging every day. Phew! Today's topic is "a day in the life." I wish I had something more exciting to reveal to you today, but alas... my life is far from thrilling. 
I wake up around 7 AM most mornings. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.
I have a cup of coffee and slowly ease my way into another day.
I might shower and get dressed before heading to my computer to get to work. Might. I'm getting better about this.
Sometimes I exercise. I'm making it a point to go for lots more bike rides. Very good for those same legs and rear that will be sitting at my desk all day later.
Blog posts.
Sometimes coffee or lunch with a friend.
More coffee.
Editing photos.
Editing photos.
Editing photos.
Blog posts. (both for SOML and my photography blog)
Dinner. Wine.
Photo sessions (mostly on weekends).
Time with mom. Time with Matthew. Dog walks. Naps.

Overall, I love my life, and every morning I wake up excited to get to work. I know not everyone can say that, and I am grateful for every (seemingly) boring day in the life and all of the little moments that fill them...

^^this one takes up the vast majority of the day^^

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