Friday, 24 May 2013

My 3 most rottenest of traits

OMG, not another serious one! One that requires thought! Gosh, this "coming up with posts of substance" stuff is hard work. Day 24 is your top three worst traits. But wait! I thought blogging was about making everyone believe you're perfect!  Oops. Not if you're taking part in the Blog Every Day In May Challenge, it's not. Muhahaha.

So.... what are my top 3 worst traits?


1. I am lacking in discipline and a chronic procrastinator. People often advise me to make lists, since it "feels so good to check them off." But for me, if it's on a list of things I need to do, I will automatically do everything else I can find to do except the things on the list. It would probably be more effective if I made a To Do list of things I shouldn't do, because, ipso facto, I would then maybe do the things I should. It's confusing, being me.

2. I am argumentative. If I hear someone say something I believe to be false in any capacity, my nature does not allow me to sit idly by without arguing. Poor Matthew receives the brunt of this personality trait. Apparently it's very annoying. On that note, I am also bossy. Or as I prefer to put it, a born dictator leader.

3. I am selfish. I like things my way, and I'm not a very good sharer. I don't typically put others first. I know some amazingly selfless people, and I marvel at their goodness, but I am not, intrinsically, one of them. I will not share my last bit of ice cream with you. I will forget to send you a card for your birthday. I will get too busy with my own endeavors to ask you about yours. But I'm getting better about this, little by little. I don't like this about myself, and that's the first step to reform, I hope.

What about you? What are your top three worst traits? Share in the linkup below today's featured SOML sponsors....

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