Friday, 3 May 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3 of the the Challenge is "things that make you uncomfortable." We all have our things.  While preparing for this post, I realized that not a lot of things make me uncomfortable, but most things that DO are bathroom-related. You can use your imagination there. Basically, anything that involves public restrooms or using a restroom at someone's house makes me extremely uncomfortable. True story: when I was in middle school I used to turn on every faucet in the girl's locker room bathroom before I peed, because I didn't want anyone to actually hear me peeing. I'm glad to say I've mostly gotten past this hiccup, but everything to do with bathrooms that aren't in my own home and preferably tucked away in a distant corner of the house makes me uncomfortable.  TMI? Sorry!

I would say the other top-most uncomfortable thing for me is watching a movie with sex scenes with your parents. Wait, that sounded wrong! Not actually watching your parents performing in the sex scenes. Just watching the sex scenes with your parents in the same room.

Another true story: Matthew and I often go down to my in-laws' (his parents') ranch on weekends, and while there we sometimes drive into town to see a movie. One time we decided to see "The American" with George Clooney, not knowing what it was about going in, and gosh, the first half hour was full of really explicit stuff (like, full frontal female nudity!), and I literally wanted to die. I wanted to actually die. And at one point I could no longer handle it, and the uncomfortableness welled up inside me in such a manner that I had to get up and just bolt out of there, mumbling something along the lines of "I can't take this! I have to leave, it's too awkward!" Luckily we all thought the movie was horribly boring anyway, and everyone agreed on leaving. But GOSH. SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

Lastly, talking on the phone, oddly enough. It's not so much that it makes me truly uncomfortable, but it does turn me into this strange, anxiety-ridden version of myself that I hardly recognize. If I have to talk to someone on the phone, especially a stranger (a doctor's office, a credit card company, a plumber, etc), I will first put it off as long as humanly possible. If it's an incoming call, I'll probably screen it and be like "well crap, I guess I'll have to call them back... in four months." Once I finally do wind up on the phone with someone, I pace around like a neurotic little gerbil in a cage. I cannot stop moving. It would be interesting to have a hidden camera in my home, to study the phone-pacing. It's just not a relaxing experience for me. When I get off the call, it's like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders and I need a nap. Very strange, I know. So if you want to get ahold of me, texting or email is probably the way to go if you want to spare me this discomfort (unless you're my mom, husband, or a very close friend... then you're exempt and you probably don't make me uncomfortable). 

That's it for now. Tell us, what makes YOU most uncomfortable?! Linkup beneath today's featured SOML sponsors (which are exceptionally fabulous today!). Happy Friday...

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