Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shelves or doors for powder room and kids' bathroom vanities?

Firstly, thank you MadonnaKHeidi and BourbonandPearls for your comments and advice on my Buffet styling post.

And now for the drama....

We've still got three vanities left to get made and I would like to have them ticked off the list as soon as possible. But, I am not sure if we should go with drawers or doors. By doors, I mean a shelf in the middle. And by drawers I mean two drawers, one on top of the other.

The vanities we still need to get done are 720mm & 620mm long. One is in the upstairs powder room, and the other two are in the two kids/guest bathrooms (one upstairs and another one downstairs).

In an ideal world I would prefer drawers for the outstanding vanities. However, my concern with drawers is that the top one would be able to fit just a small amount of tiny bits and pieces since our undermount basins are HUGE and... well undermount. Also, they will be wall hung and 250mm of the floor meaning that they wouldn't be very deep. On the other hand, I think the drawers would make our vanities appear longer, which would be a good thing, as the two bathrooms are of generous size...

I don't mind the shelf in the middle, however, I think they can be annoying to use and find stuff that's at the back. Am I over thinking this one?

What do you think is more practical in kids bathrooms? Plenty of towel storage or lots of small bits?

This is our floor plans so you can see where the bathrooms and the other powder room are in relation to the bedrooms:

This for example is the upstairs bathroom.  There is room for potential storage against the wall on the left, under the window.

We've so far had two vanities installed, our 3m long ensuite one with plenty of storage and a 620mm one in the downstairs powder room. Both of these vanities have doors under the basin, and they work well at the moment. I've actually taken out the shelves from under all the basins, as we have plenty of storage in the ensuite, and in the downstairs bathroom, I don't keep much apart from the cleaning products and toilet paper.

And our vanity, with lots of drawers which is why I don't mind the doors under the basins. I've taken out the shelf out of one of them and use it for towel storage, and the other one is used for cleaning and beauty products etc.


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