Wednesday, 11 April 2012

$118 for a large glass canister

Update: I went to buy the large glass canister the other day... and was a bit disappointed by the air bubbles in the lid :(

I've been looking for some glass jars for our kitchen to keep green apples or limes or lemons in (will they survive with the lid on???)... for our island.

I like this one by Citta, but at $118 I am thinking it might be a bit too expensive... I mean if it looks amazing in our kitchen I won't mind... but the thing is the store that sells them doesn't except returns. Eeeeek!

The $118 one is the largest at 30cm x 30cm but it also comes in 22cm x 22cm and 25cm x 25cm... They are a bit cheaper but they don't have any in stock and would have to be ordered in...

What do you think? Would this glass canister look amazing in our kitchen. Is it worth $118 or should I keep looking?

By the way, our island is 4m long and 90cm wide.



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