Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wicker basket for our ensuite

I recently bought a couple of trays from Amazon. I planned on using them in the ensuite, to keep towels and my perfumes in. But, they are white! I mean seriously, what was I thinking! Ughhh! Wish I had checked with my bloggy friends before I am sure you would have talked me out of it. Oh, not only are they white, but they have curved edges and the handle cut outs are flush with the bottom... if that makes sense... Very annoyed with myself :(

So now, I need to get one that will look good in our ensuite. So ... would you recommend a basket or tray? Also, what size? Which one of these (if any) would you recommend? By the way, the gap between the two basins is 81cm.

These are the ones I've already got:

I have managed to make some progress in the ensuite, which I am sure you will be proud of me for :)
I bought a couple of glass canisters from freedom. Note to self: myst buy more cotton balls, and figure out a way to make the cotton buds sit nicely in the jar...

Freedom 21cm & 12cm glass canisters.

I like these canisters so much I am considering buying them for the laundry as well, to keep napisan & regular laundry powder in... But because the glass (lids in particular) is not overly thick I am afraid it might break after a few uses :(

Oh, and I picked up our bedside tables yesterday. Hope to go and get the lamps today so I can upload some photos :)


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