Monday, 16 April 2012

A day at the farm

It was one of those really good weekends that you wind down from feeling refreshed and ready for a new week, you know what I mean?  I got to spend an inordinate amount of time with my husband, drinking tea and watching movies and taking naps and sometimes crying because life still feels so funny right now.  But it was all still good. 

Saturday morning we took a little trip to Boggy Creek Farm, one of my favorite spots in town for homegrown, organic produce and other fun seasonal treats, like strawberry essence tea.  If you’re in Austin and haven’t been by Boggy Creek Farm yet, I recommend you get there asap!  Such a fun little place.   I read in the Edible Austin publication for spring that this little farm house was built in 1840, and people have been born in it and people have died in it, and it’s still a part of the land there—a part of the history.  And I just think that’s so neat! 

Here are some pictures from the outing…

Apr 15_0174-1 Apr 15_0172-1Apr 15_0180-1 Apr 15_0181-1 Apr 15_0184-1 Apr 15_0192-1 Grandpa :)

Apr 15_0196-1Apr 15_0199-1 Apr 15_0158-1Apr 15_0219-1

PS – It’s sort of interesting to look back on this post I wrote about Boggy Creek Farm a year and a half ago… things sure have changed around here since then! Ha!

PPS – Clearly Megan and I were on the same wavelength this weekend! What are the odds?!

Happy Monday. :)

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