Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Drywall, Stone & Yet MORE Insulation

I had to work again today, so B occasionally called me to tell me what was going on. Our conversation would go like this:

M: So what's going on?
B: The siding guys just got here.

M: So what's going on now?
B: They're starting on the stone.

He's been very patient, but I know he's thrilled that I have the day off tomorrow. I'm thrilled, too! The workers? Probably won't be so thrilled. Although I did meet the stone guys, and they were very nice. R asked me what I thought and I said "I'm giddy like a little schoolgirl!" Yep. I actually said that to a complete stranger. That's how much I love the stone!

The blocks are in place for the pillars.

The capstone is in place.

Isn't it beautiful?!?

I assumed that the stone was some kind of prefab slab, but it's real stone, pieced together like a giant puzzle.

A lot of the drywall was also completed today.

One of the benefits of 4x6 construction is that I'll have deep window sills. Yea!

After we insulated the garage Saturday we had almost two rolls of insulation left over. We walked through the house to see if there was someplace we could use it. There's a wall between the family room and J's bedroom that could use some soundproofing in case we're out there watching tv after the boys' bedtime. While we were at it we decided to do also insulate the wall between the living room and M's bedroom. Pretty much any kind of soundproofing we could do between the boys' rooms and the rest of the house is a good thing.

So once again I schlepped to Menards for insulation. But this time I knew exactly what I needed. Once again we threw child labor laws to wind and put our kids to work.

This time it only took an hour and a half. We're getting better, but hopefully we'll never have to do this again!

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