Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dave Owens Music Giveaway

I’m doing something a little different with today’s giveaway, and I must say, I’m pretty excited about it!  A little Dave Owens is up for grabs, my friends… Dave Owens music, that is.  Dave Owens himself is already taken by the lovely Mallorie… sorry, ladies! ;P 

But in all seriousness, Dave Owens is a wonderful, soulful musician currently making his way here in Austin, and I’m doing my part to help spread the word about his fab Dave Matthews meets John Mayer vibe. This guy is going places—he’s already signed licensing deals with MTV, VH1, E!, Viacom, and Oxygen! Whew!!  Pretty awesome, huh?  So get on board while you can, and when he hits it big, you can say you were one of the first loyal fans.

The winner of today’s giveaway will take home TWO of his “Love Via Music” albums—one to keep for yourself, and one to give to a friend.  I’m a proud owner of an album myself, and below is my favorite song to play while you enter the giveaway (you can listen to other songs from the album here!).  Prepare to melt, ladies… it’s a short song, but it’s amazing…


Dave Owens Guitar Poster Template

To Enter:
(only mandatory entry)

+ Please follow Dave Owens Music on Twitter, or if you don’t have Twitter, “like” the Dave Owens Music Facebook page. Leave me a comment letting me know you did so, and be sure and leave your email address if it’s not on your profile!

For extra entries:
(all represented by separate comments please)

+ Like the Dave Owens Music Facebook page
+ Like the Story of My Life Facebook page
+ Share one of Dave’s songs to your Facebook page using the tools here (hover the mouse over the song you’d like to share)

If you’d like a little instant gratification, the Love Via Music album is available for download on iTunes, or you can order it here and have a physical copy mailed to you. You can also check the blog for upcoming show dates if you’re in Austin and want to check him out. Dave and Mallorie thank you for your support!

* * * * *

And the winner of last week’s Rustic Living giveaway is…

random winner Congrats Celeste! I’ll be in touch! :)

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