Saturday, 28 April 2012

Strappy plants for a narrow garden bed between driveway and fence

I am still in the process of talking MrB into having a garden bed between the driveway and the fence.
  • I think some greenery would be a nice way to break up the heavy-ness of the light coloured exposed aggregate driveway and cream fence.
  • MrB hates the idead of plants anywhere near cars, and is concerned that they would scretch them...
So, what I'm thinking is some not-too-bushy strappy green plants with mulch around it.  What do you think? I've tried to find some lovely photos of similar examples so I can present my case to MrB but haven't had any luck :(
The garden bed I would match to the width of the brick pillar (which I think is around 60cm).


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