Monday, 9 April 2012

Electrical & HVAC

This morning was the walk through with the electrician. Prior to, this was really stressing me out.

For some reason, the only thing I can't picture is the lighting across the back of the house- kitchen, dinette & family room. I have no idea what to do over the island, because the dinette lighting is right next to it. Well, that's not exactly true. I know what I want, but I'm not spending $800+ on lighting for one room. Darn you, Pottery Barn! In the meantime I found lighting at Lowe's. It was on amazing clearance (90% off!!) and is the same size as DL (dream lighting). I'll live with it for now, and when I find something better I can replace it.

Anyway, we walked through the house room by room, discussing outlets, light switches, phone jacks and cable outlets. We added a few things figuring it was easier to do now than when the ceilings and drywall are in. For instance, we had the living room entry cased to for a 6-ft. pair of French doors in case we decide to use it for a bedroom or office. As a living room I don't want a ceiling fixture. However, I want one for an office/bedroom, so we had it wired. In the garage we added a dedicated outlet for a deep freeze. We added outlets added in the basement based on where we think have rooms (someday).

When we got to the kitchen we talked through the outlets (easy), then started on lighting (hard). B and I stood there trying to figure out where to put the dinette light fixture, which depends on table width and room for chairs (table & island seating). The electrician suggested having the wiring in place, but not putting in a fixture until we've lived there for awhile. Excellent suggestion and not something that would not have immediately occurred to me.

There were a few things we hadn't thought about (floor outlet) or I forgot about (outlets above the kitchen cabinets) that the electrician brought up. He never tried to push anything on us and, in a few instances, suggested LESS lighting than I had anticipated.

See those blue boxes? Electrical stuff.

The pipes? Plumbing! This is for W/D.

The HVAC guys were hard at work today, too. The furnace is in, ductwork is up.

In completely non-construction related news, below is the color blue we're considering for the back of the house. It's Sherwin Williams' Vast Sky. The paint chip looked amazing against our floors/cabinets/counter tops. The larger sample? I'm not sure. I want kind of a smoky blue, and this might be too bright. However, this room will get northern light, so it might be okay. I keep this poster board in my car in take it in during all times of day. Too much work will go into painting to choose the wrong color!

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