Friday, 13 April 2012

Siding, Day 1, Part 2

We've all had that experience when you pick a color from a paint chip and start painting, then the color looks nothing like you thought it would. Well, it's much easier to repaint a room than to re-side a house. So you can understand that I was a little worried driving down the road to the site last night. As soon as I pulled in I felt a little giddy. I LOVE the color!

When we were looking at our siding choices, we wanted something a little different. We both saw the blue sample and that was that. It's a dark slate blue, and will have lighter blue shakes on the front gables and stone wainscot across the front.

Isn't it pretty??
Once again I was amazed at how quickly everything is moving along. The entire back and west side are done. The garage wall is almost done, and the trim is up on the front.

 The west wall. I really don't like giant walls with no windows, but we have horrible winds that come out of the west. Our current house has a stand of pine trees to act as a windbreak, but obviously there's nothing at this site. Our septic system is going in on this side, so I don't know if we can ever have trees over there.

The trim pieces for the door sidelights and the wainscot are up. When going over our budget we debated about having stone along the return wall (the garage wall). It was an additional expense, but we felt it was worth it. I thought it would look unfinished without, and it's one of those things that is much easier to take care of now than try to do later.

 I LOVE how the white trim pops against the blue!

 The siding and stone should be done tomorrow. B spoke with Kasey about what's coming up. Insulation and drywall start Monday. WH insulates the shared wall between the house and garage, but not the other 3 walls. We can do that ourselves, so that's our project for the weekend. Kasey told us the kind of insulation to buy and how much we needed, which was helpful. B scheduled the well digger, the propane company and the electric company to trench. B also called the septic installer to set a date. Since it's been so dry we might be able to get that in sooner than expected. Kasey told B that if all goes well the house will be done by the end of May!


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