Monday, 9 April 2012

I'm finally caught up! Yea!

We got to the site around 11, and saw the roofers hard at work putting on shingles.

Inside the electricians were also hard at work. Little blue boxes were everywhere, and the overhead light boxes were in. Wires, wires everywhere!

I have to give the electrician a lot of credit. When I came in I added under-cabinet lights and questioned the placement of the lights over the island. (See- that darn kitchen lighting!) I thought they were too close together considering how large the shades are. He worked through the math and said he had them spaced so that there was an equal distance from the ends and between the lights. In other words, the rods were centered. When he put it like that it made sense. He must have thought about it because when we got back tonight the light were sketched out on the floor. And moved farther apart. =0)

I forgot to talk about the spray paint on the floor. One day last week Kasey came in and painted on the floor- door swings, appliance/cabinet/island placement, and what kind of flooring was to go in each room. Very helpful for figuring out what's going where and thinking about furniture placement.

I can't believe it's only been just over 3 weeks!

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