Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Insulation Fairies

I went through the house Friday afternoon and nothing had changed on the inside. No activity Saturday, obviously. But when we got there in the afternoon, the insulation was up. I have absolutely no idea when the crew came. We live just down the road from the site, and neither B nor I had seen a truck all day. It's a Building Miracle!

One of the things we knew we wanted to do was insulate the garage. WH covers the wall between the garage & house, but insulation in the other 3 walls was up to us. B made the mistake of sending me to Menards to buy it. In case you are not aware, there are many different kinds of insulation. Different styles, different widths, different R-values. A few calls back & forth with B and a consultation with one very patient Menards employee later, J and I rolled out of there with 13 rolls of R-13 kraft paper sided 2x4 insulation, 2 box cutters, a package of staples a box off gloves and a big ol' broom.

Now, the garage doesn't seem THAT big. I thought we'd knock out the whole project in an hour or so. Um, that's not exactly how it worked out. Fortunately B knew what he was doing. He laid out a leftover piece of OSB on the garage floor and lined up one of the factory marks with where I needed to cut the batts. 

The boys came along to "help." They actually did help for about half an hour. Then the novelty wore off and they went outside to play.

The whole thing really was quite a process. I would unroll and cut the insulation. B was on ladder duty and stapled everything in place. It took us about 2 1/2 hours. Thankfully it was a cool, rainy day and there was a nice breeze coming through. On a hot day that would be a miserable job. When all was said and done this is what it looked like. Cleaning would just have to wait!

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