Sunday, 8 April 2012

Having second thoughts about a hanging rail under overheads in laundry

So, I've finally got around to measuring the length of our shirts on a coat hanger... and the conclusion is... I don't think we can have a rail under our overhead cabinets. I mean, we could, but the overhead cabinets I wouldn't be able to use :S

If we base the hanging rail on MrB's shirts it would have to be 192cm (plus a few cm for the gap above..) from the floor. I am only 169cm and would not be able to reach the overhead doors...

If we base the hanging rail on my shirts it would be 177cm (+1 or 2cm) from the floor, and will just be able to open and close the doors...

What should I do?

  • Scrap the hanging rail idea alltogether
  • Base the hanging rail on my shirty length (MrB hardly ever wears shirts anyway)
  • Go back to my original plan (which I am no longer very fond off as it doesn't give a seamless look) which is to only have a hanging rail above the sink
What do you think?

My original above-sink only hanging rail idea
Or, because there will also be floor to ceiling cabinetry on the opposite side of the sink (next to the sliding doors), maybe I should have a fold out hanging rack on the wall between the two cabinets?


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