Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let There Be Drywall!

I hated going to work today- I was very spoiled over spring break. Every time I have to leave for the day I feel like I'm missing out. Fortunately not too much happened today. But what did happen was very exciting- the drywall was delivered! As much as my husband hates taking pictures, he did indulge me and took these:

 It never would have occurred to me that they took the drywall in through the front door. It makes sense- I had just never thought about it. After seeing these sheets up close I understand why they wanted to get as close as possible. They are huge!

Remember that west wind I talked about? It was in full force Monday. It was so bad that it knocked the port-o-john over! And moved it about 10 feet! X marks what used to be the spot. I wasn't about to go near it. B is a good guy, so he put it back where it belongs and cleaned it up. That, my friends, is the hallmark of a good man!

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