Friday, 27 April 2012


Thank God it’s Friday, no?  Yesterday was Matthew’s last class of his first year of law school, and this weekend he’ll start “hunkering down,” so to speak, in preparation for finals starting Monday…  Which basically means I don’t have a husband for the next two weeks.  Awesome! (sarcasm.)

I’m thrilled, though, that we made it through this first year that everyone says is the hardest, and we’re still married and we still like each other.  Win for Team MJ! Thanks to everyone who offered up great advice and encouragement in posts like this one back in August! 

Anyway, here’s a little weekend reading for you.  These people rock.

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Suz over at Suzels Says is a gorgeous Southern girl just starting off her career as a wedding photographer and sharing her life with her handsome boyfriend (who happens to play baseball for the White Sox!  Cool, huh?).  Suz is incredibly sweet and talented, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know her through her fast-growing and evolving blog.  A fun coffee mug swap going on here until the end of April! Check her out.

suz Blog

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Meet Kimberly, the face behind Wanderlustee!  Kimberly lives in the fabulous NYC (though she says she’s not much of a city girl) and blogs about her extensive travels and her life as a Spanish teacher in the South Bronx (her most recent post on “a lesson in lingo” cracked me up!).  Kimberly is super funny, and I know you’ll love her… so get over there and introduce yourself!

Kim1  Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Britt is the brains behind the Magnolia Pair, a wonderful lifestyle blog that covers everything from life as a newlywed and med school wife, to delicious recipes, to funny stories like this one!  Britt and her husband are moving into a new home this summer (I’m a sucker for these types of things), so stay tuned for more excitement!  This girl is a sweetheart, and it’s been wonderful to watch her blog grow.  Go say hello!

britt-themagnoliapair Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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And last but not least, we have the fabulous, home to the BEST hair dryers and flat irons known to man, seriously!  See a review I wrote for my new Hana hairdryer here… I meant every word I said, and if you’re in the market for some new styling tools, you MUST consider Misikko.  They’re a fabulous company, and they love bloggers.  We support them, they support us!  Win-win. 


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Have a happy Friday!

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