Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What do you think of our "new" antique furniture?

MrB's mum wanted to throw these out ... and when I told him I wanted them... he couldn't believe what he was hearing ...

I was planning on having them sanded, reupholstered and the sponge replaced ... Mr B knows how to do all these things but is refusing to reupholster as he things it would be a "waste of time and money" :(

He has offered to sand the wood and paint the whole thing (including leather). He has painted leather before, so he knows what he is doing... But I am just not sure about leaving the sponge as it is...

Another thing is.... MrB hates the nail heads decorations... What are our options? I guess painting over them would be the easiest? But will it look weird? :S

So what do you think of these? How would you make them over and where would you put them? Depending on how they turn out (???) I was thinking of teaming up the armchairs with a contemporary sofa in our sitting room... What do you think?
  • Three seater
  • 2 x Arm chairs
  • 2 x Side chairs


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