Thursday, 12 April 2012

Things to do in Austin: Snack Bar

A couple nights ago, Brittany and I met down at South Congress for some dinner at Snack Bar, a restaurant I’d never tried until now.  Austin is teeming with fabulous little locally owned businesses and restaurants, and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by just how many good ones out there we’ve yet to try!  I guess we’ll just have to take them on one at a time, now won’t we.

South Congress is one of the quirkiest spots in town, and visiting serves as a reminder of just why the city slogan is “keep Austin weird.”  For example, I know this is Texas and all, but it was still a little surprising to see a couple clip-clopping along the sidewalk on horseback the other night, like it was no big deal.  Or there was that one time a crazy bum was following people around and laughing maniacally while waving a cardboard sign that said “smile if you masturbate.” 

It was uncomfortable. 

But anyway, we had a really nice time, and oh my!  That burger!  I don’t know if I was just extremely hungry or if that burger was exceptionally good (probably an even mix), but YUM.  And that’s all I have to say about that! 

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